Welcome To New Modern Dutta Jewellers

New Modern Dutta Jewellers is one of the most popular, well-established, and trusted jewelry shops in Berhampore, Murshidabad. It's situated beside Khagra Boro-Murir Dhar.

Sri Indrajit Dutta started its (nmdj) journey in 1985 as a Founder. He is a well-experienced expert artist to bring new creative gold ornaments design in the market and He runs nmdj successfully with his excellence. His Son Amit Dutta is with him to leads this business.

Mr. Amitbabu informed " new modern dutta jewellers " has already collected his love 💕 , trust, and fame from beginning for specialty. First of all, nmdj touches customer hearts because of the most attractive and awesome design. Second, nmdj does not provide gold except Indian gold hallmark 91.6 Bis. and an introduction to the voluntary scheme operated by The Bureau of Indian Standards. Maintaining the Quality of gold is one of the main key-point of this business.

Earlier people used to make army ornaments by order, now the customer has less time. The customers of this organization have always had confidence in this matter. Thirdly, the fair price, Amitbabu said that despite being excellent technicians, they keep wages lower than other organizations. Also, another special reason behind the popularity of this store is the attractive packages here. Fancy packages are made here thinking of people from all walks of life during the wedding season. Packages of one lakh, two lakh, three lakh, and four lakh rupees. Free packages are also provided with these packages. Since they specialize in making all types of jewelry from light jewelry to heavy jewelry such as the recent ‘Lahuri Bridal Necklace’, they are able to offer a wide range of jewelry according to the needs of the people in these packages. The gemstone 💎 division of New Modern Jewelers is Ratnagiri Gems & Jewelers. Their specialty is that with each gem they come with a certificate of quality.

Amitbabu said, the quality of gems for ordinary people. Verification is extremely difficult work. Most customers are deceived. Gems have different values, such as A, A +.

Certificates are given here according to the quality of such gems and accurate information about the gems is also given to the customers. There are also sophisticated designs of diamond jewelry, platinum jewelry and silverware. There is also an astrology department. Two astrologers sit here People want customers to take astrological advice before taking gems. All sorts of arrangements here.They have no plans to play a new branch. They want to dedicate ‘New Modern Dutt Jewelers’ and ‘Ratnagiri Gems & Jewelers’ to customer service.

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Mr. Indrajit Dutta

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